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PU Sandwich Panel Machine Application – Polyurethane Sandwich Panel, Polyurethane insulation board as building energy-saving insulation materials, in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries have been widely used, the penetration rate of 80%, in China, less than 10%. Polyurethane sandwich panel as an excellent energy-saving insulation materials, its excellent insulation, fire, insulation performance and can solve the energy consumption crisis in China to provide efficient solutions. Has a very wide range of markets.

Polyurethane sandwich panel is widely used in large industrial plants, cold storage, garage, mobile housing, exhibition hall, exhibition hall, gymnasium, shopping center, airport, power plant, villa, hospital, stratum and high-rise office buildings and other fields, due to excellent insulation performance Also widely used in industrial and civil construction of the roof and wall.

Polyurethane sandwich panel also known as PU sandwich panels. Polyurethane is the core of the composite board, from the upper and lower color steel plate plus the middle of the foam polyurethane. Generally used for roofing of buildings, the board has good insulation, insulation, sound insulation, and polyurethane does not help combustion, in line with fire safety. Upper and lower board plus the common role of polyurethane, with high strength and stiffness, the lower plate smooth and smooth, clear lines, increase the indoor aesthetics, flatness. Easy installation, short duration, beautiful, is a new type of building materials.

Polyurethane sandwich panel with light, beautiful and good anti-corrosion properties, but also direct processing, it to the construction industry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, the electrical industry to provide a new type of raw materials, played a steel Wood, efficient construction, energy conservation, pollution prevention and other good results.

Polyurethane sandwich panel as a new type of building energy-saving insulation materials, in different countries have been widely used, its use in the promotion of building materials continue to play an important role in the road, with the modern construction industry requirements More and more high, especially for the use of materials inside the house is demanding, so the choice of polyurethane insulation board is a general trend.

The PU Sandwich Panel Machine is to produce the sandwich panel with the color steel sheet or galvanized sheet (PPGI) on upper and lower sides and the core of polyurethane (PU) or Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulated material.

PU Sandwich panel application
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