Zhenyou-Thirty Years Of Service Quality

Guangxing Mechinery NC Factory

Strong Production Capacity

  1. We have the industry’s TOP EPS machine Research & Develop (R&D) team.
  2. Precise and perfect processing capability, abroad imported laser cutting materials,Plasma cutting.
  3. Workshop 6S management, manufacturing standards harmonization.
  4. Zhenyou can offer you the equipment which most suitably to meet your business needs.

 Guangxing After-sales Service

Be Ready To Help

  1. Professional technical skills are the foundation of our after-sales team.
  2. Guangxing aftersales team starts from the grassroots level and went deep into the workshop to grow up step by step.
  3. The company to firt-class technology,frst-class products to provide customers from product design,development,production,installation service to customer service.
  4. The professional after-sales team is our most loyal guarantee to our customers.

Guangxing Product Quality

High Quality Product

  1. High-quality products to win customers high-quality.
  2. Guangxing Company has concentrated on the R&D and production of EPS equipment for 30 years.
  3. Our production lines and steel structure equipment have reached the domestic advanced level and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
  4. Guangxing has ensured that equipment meets the highest standards from multi-faceted inspections such as design, development, production and installation.