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    A few Suggestions About The EPS Shape Molding Machine

    Hebei Zhenyou(Guangxing) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in 1987,Guangxing has more than 30 years production experience in EPS machine field, By comparing and analyzing the devices, Guangxing Machinery several Suggestions for anyone considering buying EPS devices:

    1.The manufacturer of normal brand production

    If you want to choose the right EPS Shape Molding Machine, you need to pay attention to the choice of brand.After all, the country has high requirements for such equipment, which must be tested and qualified before it can be sold in the market.
    Generally speaking, the products of big brands have been tested in many aspects. There is no need to worry about the quality, and the procurement is more guaranteed.

    2.Mechanical performance

    In the EPS Shape Molding Machine quality judgement, you need to take into account the exquisiteness of bubble, also should pay attention to the uniformity of concrete, through these specific aspects, make accurate judgment and choice, in the face of all sorts of equipment, don’t just see appearance, don’t just look at the price, but should be combined with a number of different factors to do know, to choose the good quality machine.

    eps shape molding machine with robot arm

    Optimum state of foam: Fineness and evenness

    1.The EPS Shape Molding Machine quality is good or bad, need to look at the bubble from the close of the body’s sex, if the size of the bubble is small, relatively connection will be more closely, the bubble on the stability is very good, to produce a product will also have better strength, and in the process of application, the heat preservation performance will also increase, some applications can be real to secure the next.

    2.The uniformity of EPS foam mainly refers to the evenness of the size of EPS foam produced when using EPS foam molding machine.The narrower the size of EPS foam is evenly distributed, the more uniform its tolerance will be and the better it will be in use.On the contrary, the wider the distribution of EPS foam, the less the bearing capacity, become waste or substandard products. When equipment works, also want to look at specific foam moisture content.These will affect the performance of EPS products in the future.

    Hebei Zhenyou Machinery Company has its own EPS Raw Material factory in China. Zhenyou Machinery is the only company that owns EPS machinery factory and EPS raw material factory in China. High-quality EPS Raw Materials and high-quality EPS machine complement each other, can make the machine play the best performance.