The Design of EPS Foam Mold

EPS (expandable polystyrene foam plastic material) as the cushioning packaging material for TV, refrigerator, washing machine, instrument and other household appliances, has been widely known by people. The author discusses the design of the die and the control of the key process.EPS application.

The design of EPS mold
EPS mold is an essential process equipment in production
1. Product redesign.Due to some customers for EPS production process not familiar enough,only according to its packaging products,often exist in the design,too rounded,unequal thickness problem,or too thick or too thin cushion,etc.,professsonal and technical personnel should be combined with the conditions of the factory production process product redesign,and consent of the customer.

2. Extension of draft Angle and dimension in mold design.Consider demoulding convenience in EPS products molding processing,and considering the factors such as drainage,EPS molding mould design and making,its inside and outside all have certain draft Angle,usually take 1 to 1.5°.Moreover due to the EPS can produce contraction deformation after forming mold release,generally considering the size of the mould should be appropriate to add,add put proportion is 1~5‰.

3. Mold design should also consider that mold wall thickness should be reduced as much as possible on the basis of guaranteed strength to speed up production cycle.In addition,mold should also prevent water accumulation.

4. Selection of feeding port.According to the thickness,size and diameter of different moulding products.The position of the feeding port should be selected properly,and the back feeding port should be selected properly,and the back feeding port should be selected as far as possible in the part with thicker part or the center part of the product,while the side feeding port should be selected on the thin side of the product wall,where the feeding is smooth.If the feeding is difficult and the product batch is large,the feeding port can be appropriately increased.

5. Certain roughness and precision processing requirements shall be selected in mold design.

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