The use and maintenance of EPS Foaming machine

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Features of EPS Foaming Machine:

The EPS foaming machine has the characteristics of complete functions and convenient parameter adjustment. In the closed mold, feeding, foaming, mold, gas and automatic control are performed. More convenient, it can allow the use of computer control for the production of foam products, using a variety of The heating method can use the complete soil environment in the old machine mold, without changing the factory environment, the machine can be in a good working condition, so that the product can meet the requirements of the automatic vacuum forming machine foaming machine.

The EPS foaming machine has a compact structure, can effectively save space, has reliable performance, and is particularly convenient for later maintenance. From an economic point of view, it can effectively save manpower, reduce expenses, and save steam quality and raw materials. The learning and use method of EPS foaming machine is also very simple, and no laborious training is required. Each 2-4 machine foaming machine adopts imported hydraulic system, and at the same time increases the clamping force, improves the speed of the mold, and the molding cycle is short. Automatic molding machine more energy-saving EPS simple functions are Chinese, graphical interface control, man-machine dialogue foam molding machine screw mechanical transmission.

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How to repair EPS foaming machine

Of course, in the process of using the EPS foaming machine, there will also be some faults, and these faults should be repaired from time to time. Then we will talk about how to repair the EPS foaming machine. It is worth reminding here that the maintenance and component replacement of the foaming machine must be carried out only by those who know how to use it.

Follow Rules:

1. When the EPS foaming machine fails, immediately disconnect the power supply and stop the machine.

2. When the EPS foaming machine cannot be used normally, check the relevant manuals, take correct measures, and turn off the power before checking and replacing components.

3. The parts removed during the inspection should be replaced with the same new parts at the same location. Instruments used during inspections must be calibrated.

4. It is forbidden to place flammable or metal objects in the electrical cabinet or junction box;

5. Regular inspection of cables and wires to prevent leakage or electric shock.

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