This Material is the future Trend

It is characterized by low thermal conductivity,light quality,high strength and waterproof, especially its excellent and unique durable thermal insulation and heat insulation, buffering and anti-aging.

At present, all countries in the world are implementing sustainable low-carbon economic development, and countries regard energy conservation as the strategic focus of energy industry development.To improve energy efficiency and the quality of the internal thermal environment of residential buildings,EPS material is being taken seriously.EPS plate is widely used as exterior insulation and roof insulation due to its excellent performance in thermal insulation and energy saving.

Take China for example:Every year, China builds nearly 2 billion square meters of thermal insulation, and the existing building stock (non-energy saving construction) is nearly 40 billion square meters that need to be reconstructed.EPS will be the main material for building houses in the future.

EPS plate must be treated with flame retardant by adding flame retardant during processing. Meanwhile, strict and standard operation procedures must be implemented during construction, otherwise it will become a fire hazard and threaten the safety of people’s life and property.

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