What are the specific EPS raw material uses?

EPS is the abbreviation of expandable polystyrene board, which is made of raw materials through pre-expansion, curing, molding, drying and cutting. It can be made into foam products of different densities and shapes, as well as foam boards of various thicknesses. So what are the specific uses of EPS raw materials?

eps raw material

1. Packaging material

eps raw material for foam packaging

EPS is a thermoplastic material, consisting of about 98% air and 2% polystyrene, as the density can be as low as 10-30kg/m3 , so eps is currently the lightest packaging material, in the case of high load, this material will be bent, when subjected to shock or fall to the ground, EPS products will play a cushioning, shockproof role. Suitable for fragile products, mechanical parts, electrical appliances, electronics, automotive parts and other industries.

2. External wall insulation building materials

eps 3d panel

EPS buffer material can also be made into EPS insulation board, which is conducive to the maintenance of room temperature, the choice of external wall insulation, because the wall heat storage capacity of the larger layout layer in the inner side of the wall, which is conducive to the maintenance of stable room temperature. At the same time can also play the main layout of the building to maintain the role of extending the life of the building. Because the external insulation is placed on the outside of the layout, reducing the stress of the layout deformation caused by temperature change, and reduce the harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet corrosion of the layout.

3. Decorative lines made of EPS raw materials

eps raw material for foam cornice

EPS decorative lines is a new type of exterior decorative lines and components, suitable for installation on the exterior EPS, XPS insulation of the wall, can reflect the European classical, elegant decorative style, but also to ensure that the main building exterior wall does not appear cold, hot bridge effect.

Especially for the European style of high-rise buildings, the installation of cement components is very difficult, long construction period, time will appear cracks, poor durability, and the use of EPS decorative lines, with the advantages of easy installation, economic, long durability, etc. EPS decorative lines are stripped B2 level fire polystyrene as the main body, paste alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, with a special bonding outside the protective layer composite. Not affected by temperature changes, cold and heat resistant; not affected by humid climate and acid rain.

eps production line process

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