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    What is EPS Shape Moulding Machine and How does it work

    EPS Moulding Machine PLC

    EPS Shape Moulding Machine system adopts multiple heating method, adopts solid and shifting balance valve system, control instrument and control valve parts to complete the cycle, thus making the machine more steam saving. The unstable factors of product quality caused by unstable steam source are solved and the quality is greatly improved. Steam and cooling water valves are imported components, safe operation, stable performance, foam molding machine can operate 2-3 machines.

    EPS Moulding-Machine

    The working principle of foam molding machine is similar to the principle of syringe, it is by virtue of the thrust of screw, the plastic has been plasticized into the molten state of injection into the mold cavity, after curing and shaping the product process.Injection molding is a cyclic process, one cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding – melt plasticizing – pressure injection – mold cooling – mold opening and taking. After the product is taken out, the mold is closed again for the next cycle.

    EPS Shape Molding Machine can change different Mould to produce different foam products, EPS Mould can be customized, the most common foam vegetable boxes, foam fish boxes, seedling trays, ICF Blocks and So on

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