What Products Can the CNC Foam Cutting Machine Produce?

CNC Foam cutting machine is mainly used in building insulation mouldings, advertising, scientific research models, film props, packaging, casting lost molds, etc. There are many shapes for cutting products, 2D 3D modeling cutting, European architecture, Roman column, Chinese characters, letters and other shapes you want to cut.

CNC foam cutting machine is controlled by computer, high stability and precision, the fastest cutting speed reaches 800 mm / min, the mold cut is smooth, and the efficiency is greatly improved, not only In this way, the price of a cutting machine is about 30,000 to 60,000 RMB the life is more than ten years, the resistance wire used is less than RMB per meter, and the foam price is much lower than that of wood.

Therefore, the cost of the CNC foam cutting machine is extremely high. Domestic castings generally use wood molds, and artificial wood molds have long time and poor precision. In the past, it took two or three days to mold a mold by wood. Now, the giant source CNC foam cutting machine can complete the work efficiently and quickly, saving time, labor and cost. It is a must-select foam cutting machine.

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