Which areas is the EPS Block Molding Machine Applied In?

EPS Block Moulding Machine

Expandable polystyrene foam (EPS) is widely used in construction, roof insulation, decoration, underground moisture insulation, roads, packaging and other fields. Such as the wall and foundation insulation in the construction field, inverted roof, EPS sandwich panel, wire mesh sandwich panel, architectural shape and so on.

EPS block molding machine is a special equipment for producing thermal insulation products. It is made of expandable polystyrene as raw material. After pre-expansion (first expanding), drying and curing, then the expanded EPS will be send into EPS panel machine automatically. After the beads are fed into the cavity, and then heated by steam to perform secondary foaming, heat-insulating and forming, and then cooled and shaped by the cold air, the foamed plastic products are automatically ejected out of the mold by the ejector rod.

At present, EPS block molding machines usually use time-switching steam valves according to process requirements. Secondary foaming is often difficult to achieve optimal conditions due to environmental temperature and materials changes, resulting in serious waste of heat energy, poor adhesion of panel products,tensile strength does not meet the requirements and other issues.

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