Why choose ICF block as the new type building material

Q: What is the EPS module self-built house ?
A: EPS module self-built house is a composite wall self-built house with EPS building energy-saving module as the inner and outer insulation layer of the house wall and reinforced concrete bearing layer in the cavity.

Q: I want to know what is the EPS building energy saving module?
A: EPS building energy-saving module is a new type of energy-saving building material which is modified by the use of modified expandable polystyrene particles, which is heated and foamed, and then stamped and formed by special equipment and molds and special processes.

Q: How is the stability and seismic resistance rating of the EPS ICF building ?

A: Good seismic resistance : the house is built with EPS building energy-saving module, the whole pouring is formed, the building structure is good, and the strength of the
reinforced concrete wall is 7.2 times that of the ordinary brick wall.
The structure is firm: EPS insulation module has good mechanical properties, coupled with high-strength steel core injection bridge connecting with the main body of the
building, with insulation layer and the main body of the building with the same life and no deformation.

Q: What are the fire safety and energy saving features of the EPS ICF block?
A: Fire prevention: EPS building energy-saving module fire level reaches B1 level, shrinks in case of fire, self-extinguishing from fire. If composite expanded vitrified micro-bead
fireproof material, it can form thermal insulation fireproof masonry structure integration, and achieve A-class fire level.

Energy-saving and environmental protection: EPS insulation module has high density (30 kg/m3), complete gusset and straight plate, and evenly inserted into the tongue, which makes the overall building insulation energy-saving effect uniform, two layers of gray insulation inside and outside the wall, Thermal conductivity is only 0.032w/m.k, achieving wall energy saving of 75%.

Q: EPS building energy-saving module is a brand-new building model. Can we build it ourselves?

A: The integrated construction of EPS module is like inserting bricks, putting steel bars and pouring concrete with the main body. The construction is simple, the overall construction can be shortened by 2 to 3 months, and the construction cost is reduced.
(Generally, free technical guidance will be provided by material supply company).

Q: “The EPS module house, is it warm in winter and cool in summer ?” Is this true?
A: It is almost impossible to build a house that relies solely on EPS modules to achieve warm in winter and cool in summer. A house that is comfortable to live in must be considered from the perspective of the whole building. It can’t rely on a single wall technology.