Why do helmets include EPS cushioning?

EPS cushioning has excellent energy absorption properties.When we encounter an accidental collision while riding, our head will instantly be subjected to a huge impact force. EPS is able to quickly deform, absorb and disperse this energy, thus greatly reducing the actual impact on the head, lowering the severity of head injuries, and effectively protecting our brain and other critical areas from serious injury. At the moment of collision, EPS is like a soft “protective cushion”, will gradually ease the impact, to avoid the head directly suffered a rigid impact, reducing the skull fracture, concussion and other serious injuries that may occur.

helmets With EPS

EPS cushioning has a certain stability and durability. It is able to maintain its basic properties even after repeated use and possible minor impacts, providing continuous and reliable protection.Properly designed EPS cushioning also interacts with the rest of the helmet to form a complete protection system. It works in conjunction with the hard outer shell, which protects against the initial impact, while the EPS further defuses the remaining energy on the inside.

The EPS cushioning layer is one of the key elements in an electric bike helmet that keeps us safe. Its existence makes us enjoy the convenience of traveling on an electric bike while adding an important safety guarantee. When choosing an electric bike helmet, make sure it has a high-quality EPS cushioning layer, and wear the helmet correctly to maximize its protection.

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