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Hebei Zhenyou machinery co,.ltd is a manufacturer of EPS machines since 1987. We can supply high quality EPS foaming machine. Then how much do you know about the details of the EPS pre expander machine? The following is the introduction of the foaming machine.

1. What are the models of our EPS pre expander machine?

1). Automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander (First, Second Expander): FSP140I(First Expander), FSP140II(First and Second Expander), FSP160I(First Expander), FSP160II(First and second Expander)

2). High Precision EPS Pre expander: PSA140II, PSA160II, PSA200II

3). High Precision Vacuum EPS Pre-Expander

2. What are the similarities and differences between these types of machines?

These machines have accessories of well-known brands, which make the pressure and temperature of the machine more stable during production.
The machine is made of stainless steel plate, which increases the strength of the machine, is not easy to deform, can withstand the pressure of high-density products, and has a long life.
High-quality pressure and temperature sensors ensure the stable and uniform heating of the machine.

The foaming density of these three foaming machines is different. The foaming density of Automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander is 4.5-30kg/m3; the foaming density of High Precision EPS Pre-expander is 4.5-40kg/m3; High The foaming density of Precision Vacuum EPS Pre-Expander can reach up to about 70kg/m3.

High Precision EPS Pre expander adopts proportional valve design to ensure constant pressure and control gas to enter the foaming machine barrel to achieve constant temperature and pressure to ensure foaming precision.

High Precision Vacuum EPS Pre-Expander has a vacuum drying system. Compared with a fluidized bed dryer, it can fix the foamed beads faster, shorten the drying time, and ensure the foaming density. It also has a closed-loop inspection system, which automatically gives feedback on the foaming density to meet the automatic requirements and reduce the difficulty of operation.

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